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    Great for Factual Decisions

    Enable real-time data analytics for factual decisions on the fly.

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    Great for a true Data-driven Organization

    Drive your Business with agility, adapting through trusted facts and wise data based events.

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    Great for Data Sharing

    Enable true, secured data sharing with your internal clients, your partners or your external customers.

Data Analytics as a Service

As Certified Azure Experts, we help you transform data into actionable insights. Explore and discover limitless visual analytics. Build Machine Learning models, train them on large scale, build dashboards and perform insight discoveries in a few clicks. Share your analytics with anyone and make a true impact on your business. From large organizations to small businesses, visualize and understand your data.

Azure Certified
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Everything you need
for Analytics As A Service

Building a secured, trusted, scalable data ecosystem is not an easy task. It requires experts to design a coherent Architecture blueprint and to ensure data maturity and data trust. We will hide this complexity for you, being your data twin in the Azure cloud, building your Data Platform for Advanced Analytics that extends your digital perimeter in no time, hiding the complexity of cloud computing with certified experts.

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How Data Platform as a Service works

We beleive that the greatest success factor is listening and understanding your needs.
We will listen to your specific business scenario and the objectives you want to achieve.
This important step will drive the design of a customized solution architecture.
The realization of the agreed solution may involve Azure Resource delivery, Advisory services in Data Management or Data Analytics,
or a full development process (project mode)
You may decide to use your own existing Azure Subscription, create a new Subscription or be hosted on our Azure Subscription.

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    We study with you the most effective way to proceed. Once agreed, we deliver in no time.

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    Fly to the success

    You're done. We remain your data twin, so you are in good hands.

Main Data Services in details

While each ofthe following servces are available separately, a coherent
orchestration is required to ensure, scalability, security and reliablility.

Power BI and Azure Analytics
Azure Security Center more... Security Center gives you defense in depth with its ability to both detect and help protect against threats. Using machine learning to process trillions of signals across services and systems, Security Center alerts you of threats to your environments.
Power BI and Azure Analytics
Power BI more... Power BI and Azure Analytics help businesses build a data-driven culture and drive analytics proficiency.
Azure Data Catalog and Business Glossary
Azure Data Catalog more... Azure Data Catalog is an enterprise-wide metadata catalog that makes data asset discovery straightforward. It’s a fully-managed service that lets you—from analyst to data scientist to data developer—register, enrich, discover, understand, and consume data sources.
iAzure Data Share easily share data on your terms.
Azure Data Share more... Azure Data Share easily share data on your terms. Share data from multiple sources with other organizations. Easily control what you share, who receives your data, and the terms of use. Data Share provides full visibility into your data sharing relationships with a user-friendly interface. Share data in just a few clicks, or build your own application using the REST API. (Blob Storage, Data Lake Gen1 or Gen2).
Azure Machine Learning Studio
Machine Learning Studio more... Machine learning Workspace, this workspace contains the tools you need to create, manage, and publish experiments.
Azure Databricks Analytics
Azure Databricks more... Databricks Analytics, easy and collaborative Apache Spark–based analytics service. Data scientists, data engineers and business analysts can collaborate on shared projects in an interactive workspace with support for Python, Scala, R and SQL, as well as deep learning frameworks and libraries like TensorFlow, Pytorch and Scikit-learn. Native integration with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and other Azure services enables you to build modern data warehouse and machine learning and real-time analytics solutions.
Data Science Virtual Machine
Data Science Lab more... The 'Data Science Virtual Machine (DSVM)' is a 'Windows Server 2016 with Containers' VM & includes popular tools for data exploration, analysis, modeling & development.
Cognitive Services
AI Cognitive Services more... The 'Cognitive services APIs, Sentiment analysis, Language understanding (LUIS), neuro language processing (NLP), image recognition, speech, and more.

Our pricing & plans

Depending on your Business scenario, several pricing models are available, let's meet to design the best way to work together.

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  • Advanced Data Management
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